Nature's Sunshine - STRESS RELIEF (STR-C)
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Chinese Stress Relief

Eastern Wisdom for a Stressful World

Stress is a simple fact of life. We all have it, and some stress is actually good for us. With today's busy lifestyles, however, we often find ourselves out of balance when it comes to coping with daily stress. Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that well-being comes through the unity, or balance, of opposites. Chinese Stress Relief provides Eastern nutritional wisdom to soothe and nourish the nervous system and help with our stressful lives.


  • Nourishes the nervous system.
  • May optimize gastric function.
  • Supports circulatory health.

Its Chinese name, An Shen, can be translated to mean "pacify the spirit." Chinese Stress Relief features 14 herbs and nutritional substances used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The key ingredients are oyster shell, haliotis shell and fushen. In Chinese medicine, oyster shell is considered to be calming and is used to relieve anxiety Haliotis has properties similar to oyster shell. Oyster shell and haliotis are principally made of calcium carbonate, which may support gastric and circulatory health. Fushen is used in Chinese modalities as a stabilizing herb for restlessness and to relieve anger.


Chinese Stress Relief is available in regular capsule form and in a potent concentrated extract form. NSP's unique extraction process first combines the herbs in their proper proportions. We then draw out and preserve the active constituents, leaving behind any unwanted or unneeded material.


Chinese Stress Relief contains oyster shell, albizzia bark, polygonatum rhizome, haliotis shell, fushen sclerotium with root, acorus rhizome, curcuma root tuber, Panax ginseng root, jujuba seed, polygala root, coptis rhizome, cinnamon twig, ginger rhizome, and licorice root.


Take 4 capsules with a meal twice daily.

TCM concentrate: Take 1 capsule with a meal daily.


Each capsule of Chinese Stress Relief TCM Concentrate is equivalent to 7 capsules of regular Chinese Stress Relief. TCM denotes Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Nature's Sunshine - STRESS RELIEF (STR-C)
Product Label


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